asian forest scorpion

“Asian Forest Scorpion”

Heterometrus spinifer

If your looking for an inexpensive and easy to keep scorpion I would highly suggest the “Asian forest scorpion”. These scorpions are very common in the pet trade and have replaced the once common emperor scorpion that have become very expensive.

I bought a breeding pair of Asian forest scorpions from a guy off of Craigslist for $20 which is a great deal. I have seen these scorpions at Petsmart for around $25 or you can buy them online but the shipping cost can be as much as the scorpion itself.

How to Setup Your Forest Scorpions Cage

Your enclosure for the scorpion dose not need to be fancy, I use a 5 gallon aquarium and I also use Rubbermaid containers. You don’t need lights but you will need a heat source depending on the temperature of the room your scorpion is being kept in. They can be kept in a temperature range of 70-90 F so a under tank heater is highly recommended but make sure it is on half the tank to provide your forest scorpion with cooler temperatures if it wants.

Asian Forest scorpions do like high humidity so it’s a good idea to keep them in a substrate that holds moisture. I used half peat moss and half coco fiber. This combination holds moisture well and also enables the scorpion to burrow and make it’s own caves. I use four inches of substrate and keep it moist but not soggy. Every few days I mist the enclosure with a spray bottle. I do this so the scorpion can drink the water droplets.

I also put a piece of bark and a flat stone in the cage and prop them up against the side to form a cave. Your scorpion is nocturnal so it needs a place to hide during the day.

What to Feed Your Asian Forest Scorpion

Feeding your forest scorpion is simple and inexpensive. I feed mine small crickets that I buy at the pet store. I’ve tried mealworms and superworms but they disappear into the bedding and the scorpion never see’s them. I put about a half dozen crickets in the enclosure and that lasts a couple of weeks.

You can easily collect insects from your backyard if you don’t have money to buy crickets. Just make sure the insects were not eating insecticides.