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I ordered some Chinese praying mantis egg cases from “We Got The Bug” they are a company located in Pennsylvania. So far I am very impressed, I ordered the oothecas on Sunday night and I had them on Wednesday. That was very quick and the box had a lot of great personal touches. ┬áThere were several insect stickers on the box which I enjoyed.

Package Arrives from “We Got The Bugs”

I ordered 15 egg cases because last year my neighbors and friends were so amazed and impressed by the mantids that they begged me to get them some this year. The true test is if these are fertile. That we won’t know until later, but they sure look large and healthy. They also included instructions, a mesh hatching bag, and zip ties to attach your egg case to a bush.

I will be reaching out to the owner today to inquire about what other insects or species of praying mantises they other. I will also write an update on my hatching success rate. Thanks for reading and sign up to my newsletter.

My Hatch Rates For 2017 Praying Mantis Egg Cases

The mantis oothecas that I bought from “We Got The Bugs” all hatched. I’m very impressed and will definitely be ordering again in the spring of 2018.

I will admit that I got a little anxious and hatched the majority of the ootheccas to early. We got some early warm weather this spring and I thought it was going to stay. I noticed other small insects hatching so I wasn’t concerned with my babies not finding food. Then we got 3 days of cold rain and wind and all my mantis nymphs just disappeared.

Luckily, I kept a few indoors and gave a couple of egg cases to friends at work. Below is the simple setup I use to hatch mantis egg cases.

praying mantis egg case

When you hatch them at home you better have lots of wingless fruit flies because the praying mantis nymphs are born hungry.

This spring if your looking for mantids please let me know. I’m going to try to have 3 species available to buy this year.

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  1. Please let me know more information about aquiring mantids.

    thank you

  2. Hay I just got to see you post My name is David and I am the owner of WE GOT THE BUG’S

  3. This is an invasive species from China. If you have the option of ordering the native species (Carolina mantid), that might be more ecologically sound. The Chinese mantids eats monarch butterflies and hummingbirds. And Carolina mantids. I’d also avoid ordering praying mantis (Mantis religiosa). It’s also not native to the United States.

  4. I have been buying Praying Mantis Egg cases for years off ebay and this year I purchased from We Got The Bugs. THEY ARE GREAT! Nice big cases that have been hatching over the last two months! HUNDREDS of babies. So excited that I have been sharing them with family, friends and neighbors! The BEST QUALITY EVER! Hoping to do business with you always! I wanted to write a review on ebay but I can’t find the listing. LOVE YOU GUYS! Will definitely be buying from you again.

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