First Hatching Of Chinese Praying Mantis Egg Case

It’s Time To Hatch Your Mantis Egg Cases 2017

My first praying mantis ootheca hatched in early May here in Minnesota.


It’s June 20th now and I have not seen these nymphs for several weeks. We had a terrible hail storm and some real cool temperatures. Luckily I have had several others hatch and the weather is perfect and the prey insects are everywhere.

Hatching otheccas outside is real simple. Just hang them from a bush and give it a light spray with a water every other day depending on your humidity in your area.


This was a large hatch and I’m really hoping to get some large adult praying mantises this year.

2 Comments on “First Hatching Of Chinese Praying Mantis Egg Case

  1. I have had no success with hatching. I had 2 egg cases and got only 7 baby mantises.
    That was from the first egg. The second did nothing after 6 weeks. I’m very disappointed. I have 4 32 oz cups. I have 2 bigger containers and a terrarium. I have no mantises. I guess I will wait until spring and summer.

    • I’m curious what temperature the egg cases were kept at and were you misting the egg case occasionally? I’m surprised only 7 hatched out, you should of had 50-100. Spring is the best time to hatch them and I should have some for sale.

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