Emperor Scorpion Facts

Background Of The Emperor Scorpion

emperor scorpion facts

Also, known as Imperial Scorpion, Pandinus imperator the emperor scorpions are not dangerous and make great pets. I remember back in 2005 I was buying emperors in lots of 10 for $2.99 a piece from a wholesaler in Florida. Some major changes happened on May 3 2013 when CITES banned the export of  Pandinus imperator out of Togo and Benin. Today expect to pay $50 for a emperor scorpion and that’s if you can find one. Watch out for imitation like the Asian Forest scorpion as I’ve seen them being sold as Emperors. The following are some emperor scorpion facts that you should know before you purchase a emperor.


Emperor Scorpion Natural Habitat

Emperor scorpion like areas with higher humidity. They are also reported to survive in the wet savannas and near human dwellings as well. They are native to the northwest and north central Africa and were heavily collected in Benin and Togo. Emperor Scorpions are also found in Mauritania, and to the east of Zaire.


Emperor Scorpion Sting

emperor scorpion sting
The emperor scorpion sting is not very dangerous or life-threatening, though it is painful . It does not require medical attention in most cases. However, each individual is different.  It’s best not to take any chances and avoid handling your emperor scorpion. I like to use long forceps to lead the scorpion into a cup if I need to move my pet. The young man in the video below uses a great technique if you want to handle your emperor.

Safest Way To Pick Up A Scorpion

Emperor Scorpion Life Span

The emperor scorpion life span is about 6 to 8 years and are very easy to keep in captivity. I found a great article that has a lot of in depth information on Emperors.


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