Do Praying Mantis Bite ?

Praying Mantis Are Harmless And Don’t Bite

In the video below I’m handling one of my Chinese praying mantises that I hatched in my garden here in Minnesota. People always ask do praying mantis bite? Well check out the video below and you be the judge.



If you see a praying mantis in the wild and are inclined to pick it up and get a better look I say go for it. Just keep in mind that mantises are very delicate and their legs can be torn off very easily if you pull them off a branch. The best way to pick up a mantis is to hold your hand out and coax the mantis onto your hand by touching it’s back side. The mantis will walk onto your hand.

Correction: The praying mantis in the video above is an adult female


Chinese praying mantis nymph


If your nervous about handling an adult praying mantis you may want to start with a mantis nymph like the photo above. The nymphs are so cute and look identical to the adults except smaller.

I think the praying mantis is feared because it’s size and alien like looks. What is the worst thing that is going to happen if you did get bit? Feel a little pinch is about it. So the next time you see a praying mantis in your garden, pick it up and take a selfie to show your friends that praying mantis don’t bite.

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