Desert Hairy Scorpion Care

Keeping Desert Hairy Scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis) As Pets

Giant desert hairy scorpions are very active, large in size, and are easy to keep making them an ideal beginners scorpion.

The desert hairy is the largest native scorpion in the United States and is fairly common in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California.

During the day these scorpions will be hiding under rocks and in sand burrows they dig themselves. They are not confined to the desert and can be found in neighborhood gardens and parks.

giant desert hairy scorpion

Housing Desert Hairy Scorpions

The container you use can be a small aquarium, Rubbermaid box, or a Kritter Keeper. These scorpions are very active at night and need as much floor space as you can provide.



These scorpions live in the desert scrub so sand is a good substrate to use. I used playground sand in my enclosure and it works great.

They also need a place to hide during the day. This could be a piece of slate or tree bark leaning on a large rock.

Temperature is very important when keeping any animal from a desert. During the day 80 F and at night a drop into the seventies is fine.

A heat mat is a great way to heat the enclosure. Keep a portion of the cage off the mat so the scorpion has a cooler area to go to if it wants.

Feeding Your Desert Hairy Scorpion

You will need a steady supply of feeder insects because these scorpions eat a lot. Small crickets and mealworms are easy to find and you can raise your own mealworms.

An adult scorpion can eat a full grown cricket with ease. Feed your scorpion prey that is smaller then the scorpion.

Feed your scorpion every other day. Observe the scorpion at feeding time. If the scorpion immediately chases down the prey and starts eating it was hungry. You don’t want to over feed either.

Thank you for taking to time to read my post. I hope you found it useful. I also have a post on caring for forest scorpions and alligator back scorpions that may interest you.

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