Best Pet Tarantula-Brazilian Black Tarantula

Brazilian Black Tarantula

Grammostola pulchra

handling brazilian black tarantulas                                                                  photo by Pat Piotr Jaskula


The Brazilian black tarantulas are from the meadows of Brazil and Uruguay. They have a maximum leg span of 5 or six inches. Their bodies are jet black in color. Females of the species might live up to twenty years, but males have a much shorter life span.

The Brazilian black arachnid is typically thought of as the very best arachnid species to have as a pet. They are large, docile and excellent looking spiders. They are excellent for starting and seasoned keepers. They cost more than a few of the other tarantulas, but are well worth the price. To save money you can always buy a sling which are a lot cheaper then an adult it will just take longer if you plan on breeding your pet tarantula.


Handling The Brazilian Black Tarantula

Care Tips For Brazilian Black

A ten gallon fish tank or terrarium tank with a locking screen  makes a great habitat for the spider. A heating pad ought to be placed under one side of the cage to keep the temperature around 80F while the cool side can remain at room temperature. The tarantula will likewise need a little water bowl and a location to hide. Around four inches of substrate should line the bottom of the tank. Eco-Earth works great as a substrate which is ground up coconut shells.  A piece of cork bark will certainly act as an ideal hiding place (half a coconut shell won’t be large enough for an adult!)


A diet plan of big crickets, cockroaches and locusts ought to be supplied. But as with all tarantulas, feed prey products of a suitable size (no bigger than the spider’s abdomen).


tame brazilian black tarantula

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