hottentotta hottentotta scorpling

ALLIGATOR BACK SCORPION - Hottentotta hottentotta

This small scorpion from Central Africa is around 2-3 inches in total length. The colors are a mixture of browns and black and the scorpions back has bumps very similar to the American alligator.

Housing -Hottentotta hottentotta

Your scorpion cage does not need to be expensive or elaborate to keep your scorpion happy and healthy. We will cover temperature, substrate and types of enclosures you can use.

Heating Your Enclosure

Alligator back scorpions like it hot and this can be an issue if you don’t have the proper heating equipment. Temperatures during the day should be 85-90 F and the temps at night can drop to 75 F.

Depending on where you live and what part of the house you keep your scorpions in you will probably need a supplemental heat source. 

I live in Minnesota and was able to keep my scorpions in the garage all summer. Now that it’s winter I moved them downstairs where the room temperature is 62 F.

You have a few options to heat the enclosure. I found that under tank heater or seed starter heat mats work very well. They heat up to around 75 F and you place the tank right on the pad. Keep a portion of the tank off the pad so the scorpion has a cooler area. 

scorpion cage heating



Scorpion Cage & Substrate

Kritter Keepers make great scorpion cages because they come in different sizes, have secure lids and makes viewing your pet easily.

You could also make your own enclosure out of tupperware or sterilite containers. A 10 gallon aquarium will also work great.

Hottentotta hottentotta live in the desert and scrub of Africa so I chose sand as a substrate. I paid less than $3.00 for a 20 pound bag of playground sand from Home Depot.

You will also need a piece of bark or slate that is propped up on a rock. This will create a place for your scorpion to hide during the day.

Also provide a water dish for your pet. Even know they live in a desert they still need water. Some will say they get their water from the insects they eat. I’d play it safe and provide a small water dish.


Breeding H. Hottentotta

If you want to try breeding scorpions the alligator back scorpion is one of the easiest. Unlike most scorpion species where you need a male and female to produce young.

The hottentotta is parthenogenetic which means their eggs develop without the need of a male to fertilize them. The scorplings that are born are identical to their mothers and are also all female.