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My name is Dave Sherva and I live in Minnesota which is home to 10,000 lakes and just as many insect species. I love the outdoors and all the amazing creatures that live in the woods and fields. I have been keeping several species of reptiles, praying mantids, tarantulas, scorpions, and stick insects over the years..

I wanted to create a site that could be used as a resource for people interested in keeping or breeding native or exotic insects as pets. Keeping insects as pets is a growing hobby worldwide and in Europe it is very popular. There is so much to learn and it’s a hobby you can get into with absolutely zero cost.

Parents if your child is begging for a pet but your not sure if they are ready for the responsibility I would highly recommend looking at a pet insect and here are the reasons why.

Why Insects Make Great Pets

  • Can be collected for Free in your own backyard.
  • Very low maintenance
  • Not committed for 13 years like a dog or cat
  • Hundreds of thousands of cool bugs to choose
  • Very unique and a great conservation piece.
  • Fantastic way to teach kids about life cycles.
  • Can make your own cages (Pickle Jars)
  • Insects are responsible for our food we all need to learn more about them.
  • Keeps Kids off their phones

leaf insect as pet


We need to teach our kids the importance of insects in our world. Insects should not to be feared, I see so many people just freak out when they encounter a spider in their house or a millipede in the shower.

Without insects we would have very little food to eat as they pollinate nearly 80% of our food. They also turn the leaves and grass clipping and garbage at the dump into rich soil. Insects are also used in research to help us cure illnesses in humans.

Chinese praying mantis